hi! i'm Hope
Just finished having a whale of a time studying Graphic Communication at the University of South Wales, spending three years honing my craft and exploring unexplored disciplines.
The brave return to full-time education was made after working for 3 years within design, artworking & digital marketing in both the print & wedding industry. 
Now I am searching for opportunities to showcase my skill set, learning from other creatives in the areas I’m familiar with and areas I have never branched into.
I want it all!
I tend to feel the most comfortable designing vector illustrations to be used as assets or part of something bigger and I love working on campaign ideas. and interactive design.
I always get a huge rush of happiness when I come up with a clever copywriting idea (just ask my notes app).
While I'm not distracted by the soft curves of Adobe Illustrator, you'll find me with my head in a horror novel, playing video games or repainting my room for what might be the 10th time that year.
My values
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